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Small Business Loans from Quick Fi Capital

All businesses typically need some form of financing to thrive. Yet loans often add deep and challenging obstacles to a small business balance sheet. Small business loans that are managed and planned properly can fuel the growth and stability needed to build a great organization. At Quick Fi Capital, we focus on fair lending to help manage payroll, equipment purchases, cash flow inadequacies, marketing and more.

Today, business is moving faster than ever before. We've designed our small business loan programs with modern businesses in mind. Our short-term loans can be anywhere from 3 to 24 months with approval to deposit completed in less than 48 hours.

To be eligible for our small business loans, you'll need to have at least one year in business with a positive cash flow, $10,000 per month in revenue and an Experian credit score of at least 550. Unlike conventional banks, we don't look at your entire business history, and we don’t require you to be in business for decades. Young businesses have the most potential for growth and we seek to facilitate that growth with flexible and ethical payback terms.

Bad personal credit scores can put business owners in a difficult position, often making it impossible to build a good credit history. At Quick Fi Capital, we want to take the shackles off of your business by offering a fairer assessment system. Our tax-deductible interest has even helped many of our clients improve their credit score, giving them access to more credit in the future.

The development of low doc business loans has allowed Quick Fi Capital to offer enriching new lending opportunities to so many small businesses. The essence of a low doc loan relies on relaxed documentation requirements, needing less lengthy historical paperwork. You won’t need to compile as many detailed credit records, years of positive cash flow statements, and other strenuous details required by many large bank loans. You do not need to meet all the requirements for traditional lending. This is perfect for small businesses that lack the history and credit required by big banks, but have the motivation, momentum, and concepts to succeed at a high level.

You may also know that low doc lenders like Quick Fi Capital recognize the value and freshness of a relatively new business, and the stability and security of an older, established firm. We know that you are out to prove yourself, no matter how long you have been serving customers. It is challenging for a small business to thrive in any economy. Our short-term low doc loans allow for you to confidently focus on growth.

What Lenders May Need

Private small business loan providers like Quick Fi Capital can offer a more accessible launch point for a newer business, typically requiring at least one year of financial data, $10,000 per month in revenue, and proof of a positive cash flow regardless of many other traditional factors.

Other stipulations do apply, but we are vastly more open and flexible than what any business owner would find at a major bank. Loan pay back plans are firmly settled and grounded in reality, as we tailor each loan to a business’s need. We embrace developing realistic and practical payment plans because we want everyone to succeed.

Let us help you escape the negative cycle of bad credit closing you off from large lenders. Avoid the restrictive obstacles of having to prove your credit worthiness before obtaining a loan. We want to help you take your business to the next level, and we offer a manageable method of achieving your goals of positive cash flow and business success through our short-term low doc business loans. Our clients trust us to keep our word and help them grow. If you think you are eligible for our small business loan program, apply today for a free cash flow analysis and quote.

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